Tiger tattoo

Horse tattoo from a painting

Roses tattoo hip

Tree of life tattoo

Traveling Tattoo

Trash polka style

Text tattoo rock

Small flower tattoo

Skull tattoo foot

Roses inside arm

Pinky promise

Owl tattoo upper arm

Orchid tattoo

Only the strong survive

Narcis tattoo

N god I trust drawing

Music tattoo

Mandala tattoo

Mandala tattoo upper arm

Inked and awesome

Heart and wings

Fresh and healed

Flamingo tattoo

Drawing truth

Drawing survive

Drawing Dillingh

Dog cover up

Dillink merchandise

Geisha tattoo

Darts tattoo

Cover up arm

Corset tattoo

Clock rose name

Chest tattoo

Cartoon turbo tattoo

Black and grey arm

Bird cover up

Text Thomas Lieke

Text colour black

Black and grey justice

Sleeve tattoo

Sleeve black and grey

Portret memorial

Portret Lemmy Motorhead

Mandala Foot

Mandala Ribcase

Geometrical upper leg


Tattoo Cover

Cover shoulder

Cherry blossom

Blackwork back

Black and grey

Black and grey back

Portret Alice Cooper tattoo

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